Information for Vertep Fest Participants

Vertep crews, folk performers, Shchedrivky and Kolyadki (Christmas Carols) singers and actors from all parts of Ukraine are welcome to become part of the festivity! Making “East and West together” slogan come true Kharkiv welcomes performers. Vertep Fest is the perfect opportunity to meet one another and have fun celebrating holidays together! Sign up to participate in Vertep Fest – 2017:

Invitation to Vertep Fest  

Vertep crews, puppet theatres, all performers who sing Shchedrivky and Kolyadki, but are not part of vertep crews, actors and performers with their own unique shows are welcome to become part of the festivity. We will find a time slot in the schedule and place for everyone to perform in festive Kharkiv, its downtown and numerous festival locations.

No format restrictions are envisaged – traditional and modern, children and adult, music and drama verteps are welcome. The main requirement for them to meet is to be founded on the principles of tolerance and remind the viewer of the indispensable victory of the light over the darkness. Those Vertep crews are particularly welcome that would dwell on the events of our days: where apart from the characters of the Bethlehem legend, the modern reality would be reflected.
Vertep always was a social theatre that fiercely reacted to the current events. Vertep Fest lineup is available at

About Festival Agenda

The festival starts with a gala parade of Vertep crews in the downtown. Later the crews will perform at various festival locations (outdoors and indoors), after that charity performances at alternative locations, such as children’s and military hospitals will take place. Alternative locations also include shopping centres, where actors can raise some money for the crews’ needs (as we have experience in organization of the street art festival at shopping centres we know that spectators always show their gratitude not only through applauses, but also donating money). A food court offering hot meals of Slobidska Ukraine cuisine and the City of Traders will be open for visitors offering a display of handicraft at the space near Kharkiv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre.

More details are available here:

Offer to Festival Participants

We offer you free lodging for 1 night in dormitories and pensions of Kharkiv, meals (1 lunch including hot meal per day) and partial reimbursement of travel expenses (not less than 50% of 2-nd class train or bus ticket price).

Moreover we offer:

  • Participation in gala parade of Vertep crews
  • A volunteer to accompany each crew participating in the Festival
  • Custom schedule including number of performances, arrival and departure time, free time planning
  • Local guides to get you acquainted with Kharkiv
  • The opportunity to meet various performers
  • The Opportunity to meet Kharkiv volunteer and art community
  • Information support
  • And finally, the opportunity to perform in a city with 1.5 mln residents.

Information for Crews with Underage Members

Please be aware that major part of the festival happens out-of-doors, so make sure to inform parents if your crew has underage members. Or you can also inform organizers that your crew performs indoors only.

Organization committee hotline: +38 066 823 99 92, +38 097 630 73 76

Contact person: Iryna Haeva, crews coordinator

Crew registration on Vertep Fest website: